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The Skinny on Jeans

This season, women’s jeans are available in just about every wash and color.

Jani Davis, owner of Jema Lane Boutique in Spokane Valley says colored jeans are “in” this fall, and specifically loves these rust-colored Dear John skinny jeans with a mid-rise waist.

As you may have guessed, skinny jeans are ...

Journey to Delhi and Agra

Nothing can prepare you for the experience that is India.

It’s not that the poverty is obvious, though it is. It’s not that cows and monkeys roam freely in the cluttered streets, though they do. It’s not that residents even of urban cities such as Delhi or Agra can get ...

Annual Traditions for Holiday Happiness

Whether it’s carving turkey, wrapping presents, or creating the most glorious display of Christmas cheer on the front lawn for all to see, just about everyone has a favorite holiday tradition that they share with loved ones every year.

But what about adding a new tradition to your holiday hoopla ...

Art Collection Protection

Whether bought as an investment for your (or your children's) future, or an investment in your happiness, fine art has become an increasingly popular purchase in recent years. And, as with anything you care about, you want to protect it accordingly. Which means you can't just bring a painting home ...

Unwrap Something Pretty

The phrase "Good things come in small packages" was probably coined by a jeweler during the holiday season. And, honestly, we agree!

While the young ones in your family might jump for joy at a sight of a gift under the tree that’s twice their size, we grown-ups know that ...

Thanksgiving with a Twist

Is your traditional turkey losing its yum-yum and becoming more ho-hum? Then maybe it’s the perfect time to try something new.

Perhaps the kids have grown up and moved away, or your usual friends, family, neighbors or past houseguests who love the whole extravaganza have other plans this fall.

Or ...

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