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Posted by Theresa Tanner on April 24, 2018, 6 a.m.

Extreme hair colors used to be reserved for rowdy rock stars and rebellious teenagers, but branching out beyond blonde and brunette has reached the mainstream. And for some of the most popular looks today, anything less than a professional dye job won’t achieve the desired effect.

Karissa White, Bombshell Salon owner and stylist, has been styling hair for 18 years. Her Coeur d’Alene salon draws inspiration from retro hairstyles of the mid-20th century, but with a contemporary edge, especially when it comes to unique coloring.

Girl with colored hair

This year, Karissa says that metallics and pastel colors are trending up. One of her preferred brands, Pravana, offers a Precious Metals Collection, featuring Rose Gold, Moody Blue and Smokey Silver.

If you’re thinking of going metal and unsure if you’re after a more cool silver or a warm bronze look, compare different pieces of metal jewelry next to your face to determine which color best complements your skin tone.

Karissa also uses Pulp Riot, which features an array of colors in both bold and pastel colors. For a softer look, colors like Blush, Lilac and Sea Glass have a feminine, ethereal quality.

Before you book your appointment, Karissa advises making sure that hair is well conditioned. She also uses Olaplex or a pH bonder treatment with the bleach lightener, which rebuilds broken hair bonds and protects against further damage, especially during the dyeing process.

And make sure you block out a good part of your day to achieve these kinds of hairstyles. “Depending on the existing hair, it can take a minimum of four hours,” Karissa said.

To make sure that’s time and money well spent, maintain color longer by washing hair in cold water. And washes can be a bit more infrequent, only a couple times per week. You can touch-up the color every 6-8 weeks, or think of the vanishing color as a look in an of itself.

“Embrace the fade out,” Karissa advised.

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More Hair Trends to Look for This Year

Like a Fine Wine Although it’s been said that gentlemen prefer blondes, redheads get the most attention. And this year, red hair is drawing inspiration from the vineyard with deep, merlot tones. Just shy of outright purple, dark red works well as a subtle highlight or ombre on raven hair. And you’ll really turn heads if you commit to the color 100 percent.

Warming Up Hues of blonde are moving toward the sun rather than the snow. Instead of icy platinum, think honey and gold. Or, as “Game of Thrones” viewers might observe: Less Targaryen, more Lannister.

The Root of the Matter Exposed roots used to indicate that you’d let too much time lapse between salon appointments, but roots can make a statement themselves. The contrast between a dark root and light hair feels dramatic, especially if you’re rocking a blonde look with iridescent undertones.

Or, reverse it, with a colored root – soft pink hues for blondes, jewel-tones for brunettes – that blends into a more natural color.