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Posted by Theresa Tanner on Nov. 30, 2018, midnight

Maybe you love Christmas, but a bright red Santa Claus doesn’t quite fit your home’s design aesthetic. Or maybe you aren’t particularly religious, but you love wintertime and want to bring some of the season’s natural beauty inside. Creating seasonal decorations at home is a perfect indoor activity for the snowy days of December, and they can be displayed well past the holidays.

Pine cones

There’s no shortage of pine cones in the Northwest – Washington is the Evergreen State, after all. These little conifers are perfect accents for winter décor schemes on mantles and tablescapes. Get a string of battery-operated holiday lights to add some sparkle to a bowl of pine cones, or strategically arrange around candles to create a mini-Christmas forest.

Woman holding pinecone with lights

Wooden trees

Nope, we don’t mean that one big evergreen tree covered in lights and colorful glass balls. If you have a smaller space or don’t want to fuss with a full-sized tree this year, you can create a forest of miniature trees with plywood and a scroll saw. Hang the ornaments in a tree-shaped arrangement on the wall, or place 3D carved trees of various sizes on the hearth, so you’ll still have a designated place for presents under the tree.

Woman making ornaments

Cinnamon sticks

Not only does cinnamon smell like Christmas but cinnamon sticks, like pinecones, are a festive accent to a number of holiday decorating schemes. Hang bundles wrapped in twine from a tree, or use them to build a star for the top of your tree. Along with decorating your own home, you can use cinnamon sticks to make festive gifts, like a fragrant candle holder.

Woman making a cinnamon stick candle holder

Brown paper packages

… “tied up with string” and much more. Simply wrapped in brown paper (use the reverse side of a paper grocery bag, if you’re feeling thrifty), decorate gifts with colored ribbon and the pieces of natural holiday decor previously discussed. You can also decorate with paint or practice your hand lettering right on the paper. Kids will really love this activity too, and you can sing along with Julie Andrews as you craft.

Woman wrapping a present