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Convertible Season

Posted by Don Adair on July 30, 2018, 6 a.m.

Here’s a little secret we should keep to ourselves; the Inland Northwest is a great place to own a convertible.

Yes, the mention of convertibles evokes images of sunny climes and sandy beaches.

But those places are crowded and the air is often less than pristine. Nothing kills the romance ...

Dive Right In: Swimsuits

Posted by Renée Sande on June 29, 2018, 6 a.m.

If you haven’t already found your perfect swimsuit for the warm days ahead, or you’re looking to stock up your selection, we’ve got the skinny on the hottest swimsuits for 2018 that will keep you feeling and looking cool into 2019.

While the trends aren’t a huge departure from last ...

Put Some Summer in Your Sizzle

Posted by Renée Sande on May 21, 2018, 6 a.m.

Listen closely these days and you may hear a faint buzzing sound around Spokane. And I don’t mean of the flying insect kind. Rather it’s the abundance of activity happening all around us, collectively saying, “Get out! Come play! There’s plenty of summer fun to be had!”

In Spokane and ...

Go-go Golf Gadgets

Posted by Theresa Tanner on Aug. 15, 2017, noon

The latest and greatest in technology to improve your golf game.

Bionic PerformanceGrip Golf Glove
The intricate details of this high-tech golf club are too numerous to list in full. Just know that this Cabretta leather glove improves club feel with “broken-in comfort” and a Terrycloth towel lining to ...

Just Beachy: Looks for Summer

Posted by Theresa Tanner on June 16, 2017, noon

Festive colors and accessories for relaxing days at the lake and exciting summer nights around town.

Shoulder Surprise
Cut-out shoulders are hot right now, and a hint of skin catches the eye with this otherwise modest, billowy blouse with a soft pink hue. A looser top balances out with ...