Holiday Hair Dos

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Posted by Staci Lehman on Dec. 6, 2018, midnight

Whether it’s your office party, a dinner with your significant other’s boss or a family get-together, holiday events mean extra special hair is in order.

But if creating elaborate styles isn’t your forte, no need to stress. No matter the length, texture or style of your hair, there is something that looks good on everyone this year.

Even for special occasions, today’s hair trends are more laidback and purposely a little messy.

“A lot of the very loose more elegant knots and buns” are popular now, according to Katie Frazey of L Salon and Spa on Highway 41 in Post Falls. “Nothing like five years ago when everything was super tight and perfect. The messy bun look with the towers of curls is the thing now.”

Woman with a fishtail braid

If you’ve been on Instagram or Facebook lately, you have probably noticed that braids of all kinds are also hot this year. But once again, not the tight, clean plaits of the past.

“Braids are huge right now,” said Frazey. “I just did a wedding party last week and all of them wanted one form of braid or another. But, unlike in the past, we pulled the braid so loose that you can barely see the braid itself.”

Frazey says that after 17 years of hair styling with requests for tidy, perfect looks, this trend towards loose yet styled hair is definitely something different for her.

“People want the beachy looks,” she said. “They like the waterfall-style braids where hair looks like it’s flowing out of a loose braid.”

Overall, Frazey says fishtail braids are probably the most popular design she is asked to create. Fishtails are created by dividing a ponytail into two sections then weaving them together with pieces of hair pulled from the outside of each section.

If your hair isn’t long enough to braid, no worries! There are more alternatives for short, festive hair than you would expect. Loose curls pushed to one side are popular for shorter hair right now and finger waves from the 1950s and 60s have made a return recently.

“People are amazed what we can do with short hair. And,” Frazey added, “we always have extensions.”

Short- or long-hair can also be dressed up for the holidays with accessories. Bows and scrunchies are coming back and, for a more sophisticated look, Frazey has diamond-looking gems that she twists into up-dos for an elegant addition.

“They’re on twisty wires so they look like they’re just hanging in your hair.”

When it comes to some of the new elaborate braids, Frazey says accessories really aren’t necessary.

“The braid part of it is the accessory.”

With the internet having become a major DIY resource, Frazey says salons don’t have as many women come in for up-dos or styling as in the past. Pinterest and YouTube have a lot of people experimenting with doing their own hair, although not everyone can accomplish the looks they see online. And others still just want to be pampered.

“We have homecoming tomorrow for six girls, one of them my daughter, and they all want their hair done because it’s a special day… They don’t want to be worrying about their hair. Whether it’s a Christmas party or prom, it’s the last thing people want to be worrying about.”

Frazey does have some advice if you plan to visit a salon to get a special style for an upcoming occasion.

“Girls want to come in about two days before their special event to get it (their hair) colored. I say ,‘No, don’t do that.’ Do it a couple weeks before so we know what we’re working with, then get it styled later.”

She also advises against washing your hair right before coming in to have it styled.

“Do not wash your hair and come in soaking wet. Wash it the night before and put some gel or mousse in it. Hair that is just a little bit dirty is just easier to work with.”

Another thing Frazey discourages is tight shirts and tops for those having their hair done.

“I have these women come in wearing tight tank tops and other shirts and I think ‘How are you going to get this off without messing up your hair?’”

Her advice is to wear a loose fitting top, a zip-up hoodie or a shirt that buttons to the salon, so it doesn’t need to be removed over the head. Besides, no matter what you wear, it will look festive paired with your new style.